You are a new Product Manager. Now what next?

So, after you gained some knowledge and had some solid wins, promoted to a new role and there you are…….You are prepared to take over a complete product.

You need to be comfortable with :

• Setting direction • Developing strategy • Executing • Delivering You should be pretty familiar with all stages of the product lifecycle and should be able to successfully take a product from inception through to market. It’s key you also know and understand how to gather and analyze market research (user/customer feedback and competitive intelligence, etc…).

The bottom line: Ship a product

Understand, conceptually, how all cross-functions work together and use the knowledge gained from the time spent in a more junior role as a foundation to expand.

Two realistic goals for a new PM in her or his first 30 days might include the following:

● Know the industry: Spend at least ten hours a week reading and understanding the industry. Google Alerts work great for this.
● Know the products: This goes without saying, but the PM must know the products he or she owns.

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