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A New Journey Awaits
EMBA Orientation – Class of 2017-C

It was difficult to put the feelings of cohort into words before the commencement of orientation ceremony. It was 4th November, graced by a bright Saturday morning, when most of the working professionals enjoy a break from the commitments at work. But, it wasn’t same for the cohort of EMBA 2017-C batch as they gathered to start a new journey in their corporate life. While sitting in the classroom where they will spend next 18 months expanding their expertise in the product space, many faces were reflecting a mix of emotions. Few faces were puzzled by the road that lies ahead of them, while some were thrilled to return to the school after decades.

The orientation commenced with the welcome address by Prof. Ramanan Ganesan— Sr.Director Platforms and Business Incubator at Institute of Product Leadership—who shed light on the growing importance of product managers today. Being an alumnus himself, Prof. Ganesan gave a concise overview of his experience, the benefits of EMBA program, its curriculum, and the program pedagogy. The cohort were elated with the talk of Prof. Ganesan as they learned about the experimental learning process of EMBA, which renounces the textbook approach to imbue practical knowledge of the product industry.

Following Prof. Ramanan Ganesan took the centre stage to educate cohort on Product Labs, and which strategies to tap while creating viable business plans. Product Labs was established to enable students create their own products from scratch and learn the various stages involved between inception of an idea to its market launch. Saurabh shared various narratives of the previous batches, their visions, and how some of them leveraged Product Labs to eventually start their own ventures.

Next came Shaleel Nalakath, Faculty at Institute of Product Leadership, who took a marker and a whiteboard to explain cohort what it takes to be a product leader. He alerted the crowd on the significance of the “totality”, the ability to see holistically to the challenges; something that will be taught during the course. The orientation was then addressed by alumni of Institute of Product Leadership, Pugal Selvam and Manish Bajpayee who kept the audience engaged with their absorbing tale of becoming a product leader post EMBA graduation.

The orientation was concluded by Prof. Pinkesh Shah who is a senior faculty and the co-founder of Institute of Product Leadership. Prof. Shah triggered an interactive session with the cohort to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the EMBA program. He asserted on how with the transition of minds, product leaders can see things differently and discover their own brand in their corporations. Prof. Shah also warned the candidates on the effort that will be required from their side during the EMBA program. He stressed that the program will test their dedication, but eventually these lessons, assignments, and practical learning will pay off with huge returns in the long run.

The students of the 2017-C batch then introduce themselves to the class and also shared their diverse reasons to join the EMBA program. Their voices were filled with enthusiasm. As the curtains fell to mark the conclusion, one thing was sure that the class of 2017-C was filled with the leaders of tomorrow who will change the course of product landscape in India.



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