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IPL Faculty Wins Best Paper Award at UK IFIP Conference

Paper on factors that affect the use of social media for civic engagement was one of the 6 deemed best of the Conference.

Dr. Marya Wani, faculty and head of Curriculum and research for the Institute of Product Leadership, recently won an award at the 15th International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society (I3E) which was held in Swansea, UK, during September 13– 15, 2016.

Dr. Wani’s paper on “Expression in the Social Age: Towards an Integrated Model of Technology Acceptance, Personality, Civic Engagement and Social Capital” was one of the six winners of the Best Paper Award of the conference.

Elaborating on the paper, Dr. Wani said, “Our study focused on investigating the factors that affect the use of social media for civic engagement. We also investigated the link between online civic engagement and offline civic engagement, and the role of personality traits as to how they affect the same. We analyzed data collected from 286 social media users using the Partial Least Square analysis.

The study has helped us understand the transformative role played by social media. We established an empirically validated theoretical framework that studies the connection between personality traits and social media use, and the role of social media in spurring both offline and online civic engagement. We found agreeableness (one of the personality traits) to have a negative impact on social media participation for civic causes while conscientiousness is positively related to social media use.

The findings of the study have implications for stakeholders like the citizens and government in that both can use social media to work effectively together to create better governance, social capital and civic engagement.”

Dr. Wani continues the long line of achievements and plaudits earned by IPL faculty, many of whom are authors of best-selling books, researchers and members of the C-Suite of technology companies.

The IPL family extends its heartiest congratulations to Dr. Wani! We are proud of you.


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