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Heera Ganjikota

Heera Ganjikota

Founder at Pivot Pipers Coaching & Consulting LLP

Heera Ganjikota is the founder of Pivot Pipers Coaching & Consulting LLP, his work is focused on helping transform organizations and individuals to exist at their highest potential.
He has worked with several Fortune 500 organizations in various leadership positions as well as a coach & consultant in pursuit of this ideal. He is an expert  in leadership transformation & digital transformation with experience of working across various industries like Logistics, IT, FMCG, Retail and various continents like America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia etc. He is an Agile Certified coach and has various credentials across coaching, facilitation, change management & leadership development.
Some of the organizations he has worked with include AB Inbev, Airtel, Panasonic(JDA), ITC, E2Open, Automation Anywhere, Tata Steel, Samsung Korea, Woolworths Australia, General Motors India, Nokia Finland, QVC USA etc.


While negotiating, it's important to understand the belief systems and biases of the person in front of you.

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