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Data Science Summit 2018: A Glance

Data Science Summit 2018 hosted by IPL School of Data Science

A congregation of some of the brilliant minds in the industry. Thought provoking discussions. Adrenalin infused skill development sessions. Awe-inspiring conversations.Q

Here is a glance into the Data Science Summit 2018.

The first Data Science Mega Summit hosted by IPL-School of Data Science concluded on 6th April 2018, at Aloft, Cessna Business Park, Bangalore.

The summit started with a welcome address by the head of School of Data Science, Dr.Marya Wani, who formally launched the School of Data Science.

Mr Anil Uppin, the managing director of KCTU and Mr. Basu Dutta, president of Bangalore chapter, PMI lit the lamp and initiated the summit.

There were 20+celebrity speakers, who are thought leaders, data scientists, industry experts and influencers in the field of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani, CXO, Fractal Analytics enthralled the delegates with his keynote address on the actual application of Artificial Intelligence and how India can become a premier destination for AI.

Mr. Shivaram, CEO of Curl Analytics spoke in depth about the future of AI and Deep Learning.

Mr. Ashok Srivastava, CDO at Intuit gave a deep account of how AI and analytics can be employed effectively for the growth of SME in India.

Mr.Atul Batra, CTO, Manthan Systems gave a sharp account of how to move from BI to AI.

A panel discussion on “the myths & facts of data science careers” followed the keynotes. Various aspects of data science careers such as skill set requirements, how to showcase one’s skills, types of Data science roles open in the industry etc. were some of the topics discussed in detail.

It was well noted that there is no dependable structure for the data science careers, and the structure designed by IPL School of Data Science was well appreciated. IPL School of Data Science is a pioneer in structuring the Data Science careers into clear occupation groupings and roles.

Mr. Pinkesh Shah concluded the panel by quoting Dan Ariely, “Data Science is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.”

Another highlight of the event was the unveiling of the Data Science Aptitude Assessment, the first such to be launched in the industry. The tests designed by Dr. Marya Wani is an excellent tool that assesses the Data Science Aptitude based on 5 key skills such as

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Analytical & critical thinking
  • Statistical aptitude
  • Data science awareness &
  • Curiosity and exploration

It was well received and appreciated by the esteemed speakers as well as the delegates.

The summit also provided an opportunity to the delegates, to interact with industry leaders such as Mr. Amit Sharma, Chief Data Scientist, ADP, Mr. Ganesan VP, Analytics Head, TCS and Mr. Sandipan C, CEO, Xelphmoc designs.

The delegates had basic to good knowledge in Data Science. Only a very small percentage were beginners and students.

Post lunch was packed with deep diving hands on hack sessions and applied data science case studies.

Dr. Rakesh Mullick, Chief scientist, GE captivated the delegates with his case study session on “how data science and AI is transforming the healthcare industry”. An excellent session, “NLP with Apache UIMA” was conducted by Dr. Nishant Chandra, Data Science leader at AIG. Mr. Amit Sharma, who is also associated with IPL School of Data Science, took the delegates through the intricacies of HR Analytics in his master skill building session. Dr. Marya Wani’s session on the ICDS program offered by the school was an instant hit, in which she took the audience through the history of Data Science and where we are now thorough her natural story telling style. Mr. Brij Purohit, Co-founder of Seller Prime took the audience through a use case session on how Seller Prime utilizes Data Science & Machine Learning for E Commerce.

Mr. Krishna Kumar’s(Director, Rainman Consulting)  hands on hack session was very interesting and interactive, where he took the enchanted audience through how data analytics is applied in digital marketing. Mr. Manjunath Subrahmaniam, Principal product manager, Oracle, excelled in a session of Data Visualization. Mr. Amit Upadhyay, CEO, Equiskill, hosted a session on pattern recognition & machine learning. The hands on hack session on cloud computing and data science by Mr.Jithendra B, Technical Manager, Cisco, was well received. Dr. Avadhoot Jathar, CDS, Impact Analytics took the audience thorough a highly technical session of forecasting using econometrics. Mr. Vaisakh S, hosted a session on machine learning and security.

The summit gave the participants an opportunity to connect with peers, data scientists, industry trailblazers and decision makers. It covered a swathe of techniques and concepts.

All the sessions were recorded and will be available here soon.

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