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Book Review: A Craftsman Mindset is Critical for Achievement

Kaushik Balasubramanian, EMBA 2016, Server Power Performance Architect at Intel Corporation, Portland, OR.

Have you wondered how some have stellar careers? Have you wondered if there was a radically different domain that you wish you had ventured into? Have you felt tempted to quit everything in search for your passion?

STOP. Get yourself the book "Be so good they can't ignore you" by Cal Newport.

It is a phenomenal book that challenges the widely professed paradigm of seeking out a job you love. The author instead highlights with several examples how a "craftsman" mindset of what value can you offer to the job is of paramount importance than what the job can offer you.

The author offers a systematic, structured, strategic approach to creating an accomplished career.

Step 1: You need to build career capital over a period of time to deserve breakthroughs. This requires a craftsman mindset and deliberate practice.

Step 2: Invest your career capital to seek autonomy. It should not be done prematurely and should be tested for the value you bring to the table. Step 3: Define your mission. This can happen only when you have enough career capital and have explored the boundaries of your domain. Use the principle of little bets to test the soundness of the mission statement. Check if the mission is marketable.

Follow these steps 3 and you will be on your way to a stellar career.

Read the book for numerous case studies and details on each of the steps.

Wishing us all a career that is successful, satisfying and of significance.


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