Ajay George, EMBA Class of 2015-A

Product Manager at BuildDirect Technologies

What are the most essential skills a Product Manager should possess?

The two most important skills I believe a Product Manager should possess is the ability to communicate with people from various kinds of background and the insatiable appetite for learning.

Who do you think can get into Product Management?

I believe that one should be 10% of a Product Manager even before getting into the Product Management Program. They should show utmost interest in products, entrepreneurship, marketing, research, problem solving, and leadership in order to turn their wheel onto Product Management as their career.

What are your views on IPL and its Programs?

Since I already was a 10% Product Manager even before joining IPL, it aligned very well with what I want to be. I knew exactly how EBMA from Institute of Product Leadership (IPL) would help me reach my goal. That is why I chose IPL.

How does IPL differentiate itself from other B-Schools?

IPL is logistically better than other B-schools. Also, the returns from the program spelled benefits, but the real value came from the course content. The highlight was the Product Labs, where your idea can be turned into a product, which was not to be found in any other institute. IPL also has the right set of faculty who knew the difference between theory and its application which enables it to standout.

What are your views on Industry Connect which happens every month?

IPL is the only institute with an Industry Connect Event that is extremely new, different and helpful. It gave me a lot of understanding into Product Management and the careers in it whilst I was doing the course. I understood difference between theory and its application and how to practice it. Product Leader’s Forum (PLF) provided us with an opportunity to pitch our ideas to industry leaders and investors. It assists you in developing networks in the industry helping me to secure an internship with one of the companies which I later converted into a job.