Experience with working in product or services companies in engineering/project management/program management roles is recommended

A recent news article calls the Product Manager the 4th most important role in a company today, making product management one of the hottest jobs in the market. However, most people are unaware of what exactly a Product Manager does. Does the role require technical skills or business skills? And what is it about the role that demands extreme empathy with the customer?

This e-learning course by the Institution of Product Leadership is a foundational course that demystifies the role. Starting from the very basics of “What is a product?” the course curriculum introduces students to the productizing process and the skills and frameworks such as Market Analysis, Strategic Planning, Product Planning, Go to market and Sales Enablement required to design, launch and nurture a product. Students will also be introduced to the role and career path of a Product Manager and the business, technology and customer contexts a person needs to master to become a good Product Manager.



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Curriculum / Table of Contents

Chapters covered
Understand the important takeaways from the Product Management Fundamentals course and the chapters that will be covered in this course.

Definition of a Product
A product implies different things to different people. Here we look at the definition of a product and what a product’s objective and subjective benefits are.

Difference between a Product and a Service
It is important to differentiate between a product and a service – learn how moving from one to the other requires a shift in risk appetite, mindset and skillset.

What is a Product Lifecycle ?
“Learn about the journey that all products go through during their time in the market.”

What is Product Management?
“Product management involves taking several important decisions during each of the stages of the product lifecycle journey. Understand the importance of a productizing process which can help a team to build a successful product.”

What is value ?
This topic will introduce you to the concept of values, and why value management is so critical to products.

What is Value Management ?
Learn about value management which involves understanding who the value is being created for and which segments in the market are being targeted with our products.

Understanding Value
The point of this section is to make us understand the importance of designing a compelling value proposition by knowing more about our customers and the problems that they face.

Creating Value
Learn about the criticality of engineers, designers and architects to ensure that the right product is being built for the right people, and that it has the right experience.

Capturing Value
“Value capturing helps us evaluate whether we can successfully translate an idea into a viable business.”

Communicating Value
Building the right product for the right people is not enough – communicating the value of the product is important as well.

Delivering Value
For a product manager, it is important to understand the different stages in the sales process, the customer’s buying process, the sales pipeline and funnel.

What is The Adaptive Productizing Process ?
Learn about the Adaptive Productizing Process that encapsulates the core competencies that are necessary to consistently build successful products.

Market Analysis
Here, we will learn about Market Analysis which is all about enhancing our understanding of the market and choosing what to build.

Strategic Planning
This topic introduces us to Strategic Planning which is about developing our ability to make strategic decisions for the growth of our products and building products profitably

Product Planning
Now that we have decided what to build, and also discussed strategy, let us get down to Product Planning which is all about building the right product for the right people.

Go To Market
Marketing a product right is an important phase of the productizing journey. Learn how to market the product well in this module.

Sales Enablement
Lead generation, sales training and customer relationship management are vital for effectively and successfully selling a product.

What is the role of a Product Manager ?
This topic introduces us to the Product Manager’s role which is all about understanding market problems and delivering solutions that delight customers.

Career Path of a Product Manager
Learn how the career path of a Product Manager can culminate in top executive leadership roles.

Who is a Product Leader ?
This section will tell you why it is important for everyone to aspire to become a product leader if not a product manager.

Your Instructor

Prof. Rahul Abhyankar
Cofounder and Director of Faculty & Programs at the Institute of Leadership.
Prof. Rahul Abhyankar is Cofounder and Director of Faculty & Programs at the Institute of Leadership, a sought-after keynote/guest speaker and Lean Startup Educator. He has over 25 years of high tech experience spanning product management leadership and engineering roles across large multinational companies and startups, delivering new product innovation in software, cloud, data analytics, hardware, and SaaS products/platforms. Prof. Abhyankar is passionate about building products, cross functional leadership, mentoring and coaching.

He was previously the Vice President of Product Management (Global Threat Intelligence) at McAfee. Prof. Abhyankar is based out of California, USA. He has an MBA from Olin Business School at Washington University, St. Louis.