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Product Managers are responsible for Vision, Strategy, Design and Execution, with execution taking up the bulk of their time. In this webinar we will go through a technique for ongoing sequencing and prioritization to drive maximum value, especially in the agile world we live in today with markets, customers and technology changing rapidly.

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About the Speaker

Manisha Gupta

Sr Director of Product Management, Oracle

Manisha is Sr Director of Product Management at Oracle, and leads the People Analytics product line. Her career has been a journey of chasing the “Whys” of value creation and value capture specially to build solutions that improve how we collaborate, connect, and learn. She has led 400M+ hands-on global responsibilities at LinkedIn, eBay and scaled early stage startups from 0-100M+ (CafePress, Fatbrain). An entrepreneur with successful exit (AtOnePlace acquired by NetAmbuit), she enjoys drawing data driven insights at every stage to connect disparate dots and build brilliant products that make life better.

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