Kiran Kashikar
EMBA Class of 2014

Program Manager, CGI to
Senior Product Manager, CGI

Why I joined the IPL Program ?

“I have been in the product space for some time, and the services space for a really long time. In the product space, I ‘ve always felt there was a better way to do things. When I came across the IPL curriculum I was really sold on it! I am sure that the curriculum is the success mantra [of IPL]. That’s the reason I am here.”

What I like about IPL ?

“The experiential learning and the product labs are great for learning. We‘ve pivoted a few ideas. We‘ve been to many places including BMTC! We‘ve stepped out of our cubicles and actually talked to people. Going out and talking to folks has been a wonderful learning experience. The people I am doing the course with – from Cisco, JP Morgan, Intel amongst others bring varied and rich experiences to the table. This is priceless [learning]. The cohort learning is so huge, that I think if anybody [in Product Management] is not choosing this, they are missing something big.”

My key takeaways from the IPL Program

“Entrepreneurial thinking – it’s a way of life now. It’s like an irreversible damage has been done! I am going to think this way for the rest of my life.”

“Besides the learning, I can now connect to a community. Working and with all these folks, the faculty and the community is a priceless experience.”