Program to work on specific business

The IPL Industry Challenge

IPL EMBA students believe in solving problems and learning from it! Are you a corporate or a startup that has a challenge for our budding product leaders? Throw an industry challenge at our EMBA students who have an average of 10+ years work experience!Industry Sponsored Challenges are 100 day (unpaid) internships available for high performing IPL EMBA students in their third semester where they get an opportunity to work with a sponsoring company – a startup / mid-tier company / multinational company.

■ Competitor Analysis
■ Product Portfolio Analysis
■ Business Finance for Value Creation
■ Strategic Pricing and Monetization Models.
■ Go-To-Market Strategy
■ Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy
■ Positioning & Customer Value Proposition

World leaders

New solutions to an existing problem in your orgnization- 100 days for IPL Cohorts to deliver results.

As a project sponsor

You should expect the Institute to ..

Your designated senior mentor or you will be available during the duration of the immersion.

Commit to a weekly update meeting (max 1 hr) to check on the progress and guide/coach the participant.

Provide the learning management system for easier collaboration and feedback.

Give a final grade for the deliverables (both quality & effort)

Any logistical support required for a better experience

Frequently Asked Questions

❏ IPL recommends the project sponsor not to share any project with sensitive IP information.
❏ The project sponsor may require the EMBA participant to sign any NDA specific to IP confidentiality as per the company norms.

Though minimum duration targeted is 100 days, the actual duration of the project can go up to 120 days. Currently working professional in EMBA is expected to spend on an average of 10-12 hours/week while a non-working professional in EMBA can spend fulltime working on the sponsored project sponsor.

Yes the project sponsor would get to screen all the available candidates to choose the right participants for the project

No. The primary objective of Industry Immersion track is to facilitate experiential learning working on real world market problems and in the process bring value and showcase the talent to the project sponsors or potential hiring managers

❏ The number of participants per project can be 1 or maximum of 2. Given that the project sponsor or any designated mentor from the company would be required to spare bandwidth during the project it may not be practical to have more than 2 participants per project
❏ Also having two persons in a project helps mitigate risk in case one person ends up
leaving in the middle of project due to any unplanned circumstances

❏ Sponsoring company owns all the commercial rights to all the output deliverables
generated by the EMBA participant during the project
❏ Sponsoring company owns all the IP generated during the execution of the
sponsored project by the EMBA participant
❏ Neither the EMBA participant nor the Institute of product leadership owns any right
to the project output or the intellectual property created during the project
❏ The sponsored project is executed purely for academic learning purposes in the
context of the EMBA curriculum
❏ There is no warranty implied or provided by either by the EMBA participant or by the
Institute of Product leadership for the output deliverables from the sponsored