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Executive MBA in Product Leadership: Program ROI

One way to plan your career progression is to do nothing banking on the assumption that time will automatically push you up. Another one is to proactively invest in yourself so you are always on the top of changing business models, technology landscapes and ahead of others.

"In the knowledge economy that we live in the cost of doing nothing is very high. Post the program now I realize that I was a sitting dinosaur that would have quickly become extinct!" - Debadyuti RoyChowdhury, EMBA Class of 2014

Program ROI


20,000 IIT graduates and thousands more of engineering graduates are added to the job pool every year. There are 2.8 Million IT/ITES Professionals in India according to NASSCOM estimates in 2012. How do you differentiate and move up? (Hint : Years in service can’t be the answer!)
Answer :- Getting Promoted Faster has a quantifiable, compounding effect on wealth generation (not to mention job satisfaction!)
IPL Programs are relevant and designed for Career Path Acceleration specifically in the Product Industry.


We have already seen several products from India that have crossed 1 B US$ in valuations, something that was a distant dream just 10 years ago. Anyone with the right passion can become an entrepreneur. It’s the combination of experiential skill sets, active mentoring and coaching that will allow many to survive and become successful. The impact of the EMBA is measured when participants join emerging startups as part of the core team or startup on their own.

Alternatives Analysis

The average full-time MBA from a tier 1 school in India costs between 11 Lakhs-28 lakhs. In addition, you have to forego one or even two years of your salary as you focus on this MBA. All this, just to bring only 20% of workplace relevance from what you learned!
For working professionals who want to turbocharge their career paths without losing work experience time, it might make little sense to go for a full-time MBA. Review a more detailed analysis about which MBA could be right for you.

Growth Rates

It has been proven time and time again that product leaders who are successful initially move up the chain much faster compared to others. Essentially, the rate at which you continue to grow will be much higher if you are a product leader compared to those who will follow the traditional growth path, even accounting for more time spent in the role or seniority.

Network Effect

Even though it is hard to quantify directly, “who” you know is equally important in the Product Industry than just “what” you know. Whether at the time of executive team building or searching for startup cofounders, a fully rounded product professional will always be preferred.

Lifelong Transformations

There are several other ways to measure impact perhaps intangibly on personal leadership skills. Ability to influence, executive presence, time management, leading strategic changes in the organization and above all holistic personal leadership.
Lot of our alumni have reported that while learning at IPL has resulted in immediate monetary impact, the lifelong transformations and mindset shifts are priceless! View some of our success stories.

Fees, Loans, Sponsorships


Admission Fees: INR 50,000
Tuition Fees : INR 6,80,000
Fees include:
- Reference Materials, Harvard Cases
- Selected dinners and refreshments
- Global field visits, travel costs
As the program is government-approved, there is no service tax applicable (a savings of 14%!)


The EMBA Program is government approved. Hence, pre-approved bank loans are available from various banks.

Coporate Sponsorships

The Institute of Product Leadership has long standing relationships with many corporates. IPL’s programs are recognised by most L&D and HR departments. If you wish to seek corporate sponsorship from your company, we can help in facilitating the process. Please get in touch with our admissions team for details.


Admitted participants will be eligible for getting scholarships upto 6000$ from Cisco, Ilantus, IEEE, eminent Venture Capital Firms and Incubators. The scholarship funds shall be applied towards their tuition fees.